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NAME: Norwegian network of botanic gardens / Nasjonalt nettverk for botaniske hager
Entry date: 1 January 2012
Country: NORWAY
Representative: Dr. Vibekke Vange
Address: Ringve botanical garden, The NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, 7491 Trondheim, Norway
contact number: Tel: (+47) 73 59 22 69
Corporate: The Norwegian network of botanic gardens is registered as a national network by the Arts Council Norway. It is an association of botanical gardens and arboreta in the country and aims at strengthening the work of botanic gardens.
Aims: One of the main objectives for the network is to increase the awareness and the conservation of biological diversity. The network members meet to discuss activities of common interest and concern. Important cooperation projects are the conservation of traditional garden plants, the collection and conservation of red-listed vascular species in Norway, and database issues.

The network is important for capacity building and knowledge sharing among the Norwegian botanical gardens.

Activities: The network generally meets twice a year, with 1-2 representatives from each garden.
Criteria for membership: The member gardens are traditional botanic gardens and arboreta with several (thematic, systematic and geographic) collections.
Member gardens: Currently six institutional members, which include six main botanic gardens with associated arboreta and alpine gardens:
Arctic-alpine Botanic Garden, University Museum of Tromsø
Ringve botanical garden, The NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology
The Arboretum and Botanical garden, Milde, University of Bergen
The Botanical Garden, NHM, University of Oslo
The Stavanger Botanic Garden and Rogaland Arboretum
Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden