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NAME: Hungarian Association of Botanic Gardens and Arboreta (HAABG)/ Magyar Arborétumok és Botanikus Kertek Szövetsége / MABOSZ
Entry date: 1 January 2012
Country: HUNGARY
Representative: Vince Zsigmond – Secretary General
Address: Hungarian Association of Arboreta and Botanic Gardens – HAABG
Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
H-1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 6-12.
contact number: Tel. +36-1-273-4946
Alternate: Antal Radvànszky – MoB, HAABG, Budapest. Illäs u. 25. 1083, HUNGARY. Tel./Fax is +36304608814 Email :
Corporate: The Hungarian network is a registered non-profit organisation with over 30 member gardens across the country. It consists only of gardens with a nonprofit background managed by university, research station, municipality, state forestry, etc.
Aims: The aim of the network is to provide advocacy for botanic gardens supporting conservation, research and education.
Activities: "Sharing information and experience, education of botanic garden employees, organizing mutual programmes and developing mutual projects are the main activities of the network. Regular board meetings and annual network meetings are organized."
Criteria for membership: "The members are mainly traditional (university) botanic gardens and arboreta (used to be castle gardens). Also, forestry and research station gardens are included. The acceptance of new members is discussed at the annual network meeting. Non-profit management is a criteria."
Member gardens: 32 member gardens including 12 botanic gardens and 20 arboreta.
Also nearly 150 individuals, mainly employees of the gardens, botanists, landscape architects, or simply ethusiasts.
Agostyáni Arborétum Agostyáni Arboretum
Alcsúti Arborétum Alcsúti Arboretum
Avasi Arborétum Avas Arboretum
Bábolnai Arborétum Bábolnai Arboretum
Folly Arborétum Folly Arboretum
Gyógynövénykutató Intézet Botanikus Kert Botanical Research Institute of Medicinal Plant Garden
Budai Arborétum Budai Arboretum
Fővárosi Állat és Növénykert Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
ELTE Füvészkert Eötvös University Botanic Garden
Soroksári Botanikus Kert Soroksári Botanical Garden
Debreceni Egyetem Botankius Kert University of Debrecen Botankius Garden
Diószegi Sámuel Botanikus Kert Diószegi Samuel Botanical Garden
Mesterházy Fenyőgyüjtemény Mesterházy Pine Collection
Erdőteleki Arborétum Teleki Forest Arboretum
Gödöllői Arborétum Godollo arboretum
Jeli Arborétum Jeli Arboretum
Kecskeméti Arborétum Kecskemét Arboretum
Budafai Arborétum Budafa Arboretum
Tuzson János Botanikus Kert John Tuzson Botanical Garden
Pécsi Tudományegyetem Botanikus Kert Pécs University Botanical Garden
Püsökladányi Arborétum Püsökladányi Arboretum
Sárvári Arborétum Sarvar Arboretum
Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem Botanikus Kert Botanical Garden, University of West Hungary
Szarvasi Arborétum Szarvas Arboretum
Szegedi Tudományegyetem Füvészkert Botanic Garden, University of Szeged
Szelestei Arborétum Szelestei Arboretum
Kámoni Arborétum Kamond Arboretum
Agrobotanikai Központ Botanikus Kert Agrobotany Botanical Garden Center
Tiszakürti Arborétum Tiszakürt Arboretum
Vácrátóti Botanikus Kert Vácrátót Botanical Garden
Zirci Arborétum Zirc Arboretum