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NAME: Jardins botaniques de France et des pays francophones
Updated: October 2018
Country: FRANCE
Representative: Maïté Delmas, Directrice-adjointe
Address: Direction des Relations Européennes et Internationales, et de l'Outre-Mer
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle,
Case Postale CP 24, F-57 rue Cuvier 75231,
Paris cedex 05, France.
contact number: Tel : 00 33 01 40 79 48 50 Fax : 00 33 01 40 79 57 59
Alternate: Giles Deparis, Jardin Botanique de Lyon, Parc de la Tête d'Or, 69006, Lyon. Email:

Secrétariat JBF, Jardin Botanique, Esplanade Linné, 33000 Bordeaux,
Corporate: The Botanical Gardens of France and French-speaking Countries, Jardins botaniques de France et des pays francophones (JBF) is a standard "Law of 1901" association created in 1979. formerly known as Association des Responsables et Techniciens de Jardins botaniques
Aims: Its objective is to unite botanical gardens, whether public or private, and people working in French botanical gardens, whatever their rank and their function.
  • To increase links between these gardens for the improvement and promotion of Botanical gardens, the perfection of their knowledge, the exchange of ideas, experiences and plants (in) collections,
  • To participate in the conservation of plants and threatened biotopes, in all geographic zones, To provide consultancy and advice in projects involving the environment,
  • To help with the creation or development of botanical gardens on an international scale.
  • To act as council and defense for staff regulations in botanical gardens,
  • To plan and establish participation or coordination with the authorities and other French or similar foreign associations,
Activities: Organize seminars (The Journées techniques), workshops (Ateliers), and conferences, to disseminate new knowledge, and to support the educational role of Botanic gardens
Members receive the monthly electronic newsletter(Lettre JBF), the annual bulletin each year, preferential rates to conferences and exclusive rights to attend training group meetings.
Criteria for membership:
  • Individual Membership is open to all persons that work in a Botanic Garden or who support the aims of JBF. To be accepted a new member must be proposed by two individual members.
  • Institutional Membership is open to all gardens that are in line with the current accepted definition of a botanic garden and who are proposed by two current institutional members. To qualify the garden must be open to the public. There are two categories:
    • Jardin agréés: JBF Charter recognition: is given to an Institution member of the network that has successfully passed the technical and scientific expertise according to the JBF charter (following its voluntary application . It is given for a 5 years period after which it is reassessed.
    • Jardins parrainés: These are botanic gardens that are as yet unable to fulfil all the criteria of the Charter but wish to seek recognition, they can develop a partnership with a Jardin botanique agréés and apply to become a Jardin parrainé or 'Fostered garden'.
Member gardens: 184 members of which:
79 Individual members
95 Institutional members (69 France, 2 Monaco, 1 Luxembourg, 1 Canada, 10 Switzerland, 1 Belgium, 1 Morocco, 1 Viet Nam, 2 Haïti, 1 Madagascar, 2 Senegal, 1 Cambodia, 1 French Guyana 1 Togo, 1 Laos)
Jardin Botanique d'Angers
Jardin Botanique Antibes-Juan les pins
Les Jardins de Valloires
Conservatoire Botanique National de Bailleul
les jardins de Callunes, Ban de Sapt
Jardin Botanique de Besançon
Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux
Jardin botanique de talence
Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest
Jardin Botanique de Caen
Arboretum de la vallée aux Loups
Camifolia (Jardin botanique des Plantes Médicinales et Aromatiques)
Jardin Botanique de Clermond ferrand
Jardin des olfacties Coex
Jardins de l' Abbaye de Daoulas
Jardin botanique de Dijon
Jardin de la Préfecture à Foix
Bambouseraie de Prafrance
UJF - Station Alpine Joseph Fourier
Conservatoire Botanique National mediterreen
Jardin Botanique Y. Rocher
Eszpace botanique du Fransnois
Jardin botanique du Havre
Jardin botanique de la Ville de Lille
Jardin Botanique de la faculté des sciences pharmaceutiques
Jardin Botanique de Limoges
Jardin Botanique de Lyon
Jardin Botanique de l'Ecole Veterinaire d'Alfort
Musée Conservatoire Ethnologique de Hte Provence
Jardin Botanique de Marnay/Seine
Jardins Botanique de Marseille
Jardin Botanique de Mazet St Voy
Chemin de la découverte à Melle
Jardin des Causses à Millau
Conservatoire National des P.M.A.I.
La petite Loiterie
Jardin des Plantes de Montpellier
Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse
Jardin botanique de Nantes
Jardin botanique de la Presle
Jardin Botanique de Nice
Arbofolia Nogent / Vernisson
Jardin Botanique de Launay
M.N.H.N. Département des Jardins Botaniques et Zoologiques Paris
Jardin Botanique de la ville de Paris
Natures et Paysages
Jardin Botanique de Poitiers
Jardin botanique de Rennes
Conservatoire du Bégonia à Rochefort
Arboretum des grands Murcins à Arcon
Jrdin botanique de Rouen
Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin
Jardin Botanique Paul Jovet
Espaces Pierres Folles
Château de La Grange
Jardin Botanique de Strasbourg
Jardin Botanique et Arboretum Henri Gaussen
Serres pédagogiques de Tourcoing
Jardin Botanique de Tours
Conservatoire et Jardins Botaniques de Nancy