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Mini symposium on aliens and invasive species
National Botanic Garden of Belgium - Bouchout Castle
Friday, December 2, 2011

14h00 Welcome and introduction
Jan Rammeloo, National Botanic Garden of Belgium
14h05 Disseminating Information on Alien Plants in Belgium
Filip Verloove, Quentin Groom, National Botanic Garden of Belgium
14h25 Inventory of aliens escaping from culture in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Anne Ronse, National Botanic Garden of Belgium
14h45 Code of conduct on invasive plants: a preventive approach for horticultural professionals
Leen Heemers, Research Centre for ornamental plants
15h05 Ornamentals and invasive plants: if you choose one you get the other as well
Ivan Hoste, National Botanic Garden of Belgium
15h25 Coffee break
15h40 Building an International Plant Sentinel Network Ė the role of botanic gardens
Suzanne Sharrock, Botanic Gardens Conservation International
16h00 Towards an EU dedicated legislative instrument on invasive alien species
Myriam Dumortier, European Commission
16h20 Actual developments on aliens and invasives in Austria
MichaŽl Kiehn, Botanical Garden University of Vienna
16h40 The Finnish national strategy on invasives
Leif Schulman, Finnish Museum of Natural History
17h00 Tackling invasives in Ireland (Carpobrotus and Gunnera)
Matthew Jebb, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland
17h20 End