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Last updated: 3 June 2013

EuroGard III -

published in Scripta Botanica Belgica - 29
EuroGard III : Papers from the Third European Botanic Gardens Congress and the Second European Botanic Gardens Education Congress (BEDUCO II)
ed. by Elmar Robbrecht and Ann Bogaerts
National Botanic Garden of Belgium, 2004

  • Atlantis-BG, a standard for comprehensive, web-based collection management / Persoon, J.G.M.
  • Vilnius University Botanical Garden at work / Skridaila, Audrius
  • The development of a native plant collection nursery in the Kroussia Balkan Botanic Garden / Maloupa, E.
  • Botanic Garden of Barcelona : Past, present and future / Membrives FernÓndez, Nťria
  • Lectures and workshops as a source of instruction and education on the world of plants / Bavcon, J.
  • 'Children gardens', an international partnership using the Internet / Ruellan, Lo´c
  • Threatened plant collections in 'Alexandru Borza' Botanical Garden ( Romania ) for information and educational purposes ( short communication ) / Suteu, Alexandra
  • Is there a role for horticultural research in botanic gardens ? / Rae, D.
  • Phenology of tropical and subtropical plants in greenhouses in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium / Billiet, Frieda
  • Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Moroccean urban woods species. A case study : The trees of Fez / Benamar, Saad
  • The Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( GBIF ) and the German response / Hahn, Andrea
  • The Biodiversity Conservation Centre of Cagliari ( Italy ) / Bacchetta, Gianluigi
  • Genetic resources conservation - experiences from agricultural research for strengthening collaboration with Botanic Gardens / Dulloo, M.E.
  • Seed banking at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium / Vanderborght, Thierry
  • First year report of Trentino Seed Bank project ( NE Italy ) / Bonomi, Costantino
  • A Plant Recovery Programme in the 'Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest' ( France ) / Lesouef, Jean-Yves
  • Seed bank of threatened plants in the 'Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest' ( France ) / Gautier, C.
  • Threatened plant collections in 'Alexandru Borza' Botanical Garden ( Romania ) for research and conservation purposes / Hentea, Sorana
  • A dry meadow as a live seed bank and an object of research / Bavcon, J.
  • The soil seed bank as a resource for in situ and ex situ conservation of extinct species / Bernhardt, Karl-Georg
  • Evaluation of some morphological characters of Aegilops cylindrica populations from Hungary / Vorosvśry, G.
  • The conservation biology of creeping marshwort ( Apium repens ) in Belgium : Aims, methods and first results / Ronse, Anne
  • Population dynamics of the Polish Red Book Orchid Neottianthe cucullata ( Orchidaceae ) in NE Poland / Wódkiewicz, Maciej
  • Cochlearia macrorrhiza, a higly endangered lowland species from Eastern Austria. Conservation genetics, ex situ and in situ conservatione efforts / Koch, Marcus
  • Saving wild African violets ( Saintpaulia, Gesneriaceae ) : A review of ongoing activities and a plan for ex situ conservation / Schulman, Leif